Smart Grid Training Services

Smart Grid Training Courses offered by SGT-MaP focus on developing and enhancing workforce within the smart grid technologies to help you to learn about tools, topologies and techniques to build, operate, and maintain a modern electricity and smart grid system. Well-equipped laboratories are available for most of offered courses. The training targets professionals involved in electrical power systems, information and communications technologies, and operation economics and asset management.

List of professional training courses (28hr each)

  • SG 703S - Introduction to Smart Grid
  • SG 710S* - Renewable and Distributed Generation
  • SG 711S - Advanced Distribution and Substation Automation
  • SG 712S* Energy and Distribution Management Systems
  • SG 713S - Demand Response
  • SG 715S - Adaptive Protection Systems in Smart Grid
  • SG 716S - Condition Monitoring and Asset Management in Smart Grid
  • SG 718S - Smart Grid Planning and Operation
  • SG 719S* - Power Control in Smart Grid
  • SG 724S - Smart Building and Internet of Things (IoT)
  • SG 725S - Advanced Metering Infrastructure
  • SG 726S - Cyber Security and Data Privacy
  • SG 727S* - ICT Infrastructure in Smart Grid
  • SG 728S - Cloud Computing and Big Data Analysis
‘ * ‘: This course is accredited by the Egyptian Engineering Syndicate

For more information, call Eng. Mahmoud Samy 01016522224